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Keto Coffee Waffles

About the recipe

Low carb waffles infused with coffee? Dreams do come true! It’s easy to feel like traditional carbs are completely off the table when you sign up for keto, but this waffle recipe contains only 10 carbs. So you can enjoy your waffles without the carb guilt.

Step 1
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients.

Step 2

Using a hand mixer, mix until all ingredients are combined and smooth.

Step 3

Lightly grease your preheated waffle iron and pour batter into the waffle iron.

Step 4

Cook until the waffle is golden brown. Repeated with the remaining batter.

Step 5
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Enjoy your warm waffles with a cup of your favorite flavor of Protein Coffee!

Nutrition value*

Calories: 679

Protein: 34.5 grams

Fat: 56.2 grams

Carbohydrates: 10.5 grams


Ingredients List


large eggs

½ cup

almond flour (can sub 1:4 ratio, 2 tbsp coconut flour)

4 oz

cream cheese (can sub with heavy whipping cream)

2 tbsp.

Melted butter

1 scoop

of MR Protein Coffee (Mocha Latte)