How to Make Weight Loss Easy by Sipping on a Delicious Coffee (That Isn’t Starbucks)

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Maine Roast Protein Coffee
This year is going to be my year!”
Resolutions. Getting in shape is one you hear a lot. It’s also one of the hardest to accomplish.
You go ham with working out, then the motivation fizzles out after a few weeks.
You try all the fad diets and diet supplements, only to find yourself back in the same spot again.
You get a nice streak going for a few days, but the unstoppable food cravings get the best of you.
Seriously, stop doing everything at once.
There’s a reason why you climb a mountain one step at a time, and you eat an elephant one bite at a time (we don’t recommend eating an elephant, though). Slow and steady steps are the way to go.
So... what’s the first one YOU should take?
Let’s start at the beginning -- one of the first choices you make every day.
Your morning coffee.

Need Caffeine?

Maine Roast Protein Coffee
Imagine starting a day without your morning coffee fix.
“Uhh, no thank you.”
Heaven forbid you don’t have the time to get one and have to sit through work all sleepy and uncaffeinated. So what do you do?
“Duh, I’ll just get a Starbucks and get my buzz on. Yeah, I’ll wait in line for 15 minutes. But it’s soo worth it...right?”
Sure. The caffeine pick-me-up feels great and the taste is out of this world... but have you ever wondered what’s INSIDE that sweet concoction?
Let’s find out.
(By the way, we’re not Starbucks-haters. Just putting the facts out there.)
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

What’s Behind the Heavenly Sweet Taste?

Just the thought of that Pumpkin Spice Latte has your tastebuds squealing with joy.
But what makes it taste so darn good?
And what does it have to do with weight loss?
Let’s begin with what makes Starbucks coffee, coffee. Its coffee beans.

Roast ‘Em, Then Roast ‘Em Some More

Maine Roast Protein Coffee
The standard Starbucks coffee roast is very dark. But the random person on the street couldn’t tell until she knew the bitter truth: its coffee beans are overroasted.
Dubbed by some as ‘Charbucks’, the Starbucks standard drip coffee is bitter and highly acidic. Thanks to it being burnt to crisp, it also has a very long shelf life and this makes sense from a business perspective.
But try serving it on its own and it tastes like a cup of bitter ‘yuck’.
So what would a profit-loving coffee franchise do to make their coffee taste good?
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
Of course, mask it with plenty of sweet toppings, syrups and whipped cream! Problem solved, right?
Not quite. While it tastes amazing, the trouble with that sweet goodness is all these ingredients like ‘syrup’ and ‘flavoring’ have their own ingredients list.
For all their tastiness, these hidden little devils blow up your daily calorie count and sabotage your diet without you even knowing it.
(Of course, you can order plain coffee with nothing added. But what kind of freak orders just coffee at Starbucks?)
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Coffee or Dessert in a Cup?

Starbucks have plenty of caffeine in their drinks to give you that jolt of energy you love.
And that’d be fine if it wasn’t for the sugar + calorie bomb you’re also gulping down.
Just for example, one venti-sized white chocolate mocha has as much sugar as two packs of Oreos (you know, those black-and-white cookies you hate to love.)
Caramel drizzle, vanilla syrup, cookie crumbles… they all spike up your blood sugar to dizzying heights, only to be followed with a sharp crash that causes the all-too-common afternoon slump.
And what this does to your waistline? To put it gently: things you won’t be happy about in a few months.
Now let’s talk about what it does to your wallet.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Are You Overpaying?

It’s no coincidence that Starbucks has ‘bucks’ in its name.
The average cost of a Starbucks drink in the U.S. is $2.75. And that’s without the bells and whistles you’ll find in the jazzed up seasonal drinks. If you do want to get fancy and get all the extras, you’re looking at more than $5.00 per drink.
Throw in a warm butter croissant for $2.75 to quiet the morning hungries, and that daily habit of yours ends up totaling over $2,500 a year. (And that’s NOT counting the weekends.)

It’s no secret you’re paying for more than the coffee

Maine Roast Protein Coffee
Got to hand it to Starbucks for creating the well-known coffee shop ambiance that’s many people’s so-called “third place” -- a calm refuge between work and home.
And what if you don’t need a “third place” and just need to get your go-go-juice for work? Too bad -- you’re paying for the coffee experience too.
But you’re in luck.
Because there’s a way not to pay extra for the ‘coffee experience’ AND still enjoy that wonderful taste that’s so hard to give up.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

This Tasty Switch in Your Morning Routine Can Change Everything

Protein Coffee. You’d think it would taste gross... like those protein supplements that curdle and clump and you have to pinch your nose to drink.
And you’d be wrong.
The Maine Roast Protein Coffee is all about the creamy coffee deliciousness you’d get from the local coffee shop -- and none of the added sugar that makes it sweet.
It comes in flavors of Caramel Frappe, Mocha Latte and Iced Coffee very similar to their sugary Starbucks equivalent. (And even way tastier, as many customers report.)
The plot twist here is that while Starbucks makes you fatter with every sugary gulp, Maine Roast makes you leaner and thinner with every decadently tasty sip.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
And this is because of the unbelievably low calorie and sugar content -- with less than 100 calories, 0g of added sugar and a whopping 15g protein per serving.
The low calories help you curb your daily calorie intake, and the protein chases away the morning hunger pangs that urge you to grab something to snack on.
The kick it gives you is phenomenal too. You get an instant lift from the 2 espresso shots inside that also kickstart your metabolism into fat-burning mode.
All of this adds up to $1.75 per serving, which is almost half the cost of the average Starbucks drink.
For that amount you get a morning coffee with a serious kick + healthy, protein-rich breakfast replacement. And this makes it the perfect, easy first step you can take to start your day on a high note.
(And it’s all about the little steps, remember?)
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
Get your hands on some protein coffee today and make this easy switch in your morning routine. Your ‘future you’ will thank you.
P.S. Want to make preparing your protein coffee real quick? Like 30 seconds quick? Try all three Maine Roast flavors and get a free shaker. It makes everything easier - dump a scoop of your favorite flavor into the shaker, pour milk or water and shake well. Voila! Delish protein coffee under a minute.