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How to Hold Off Hunger With a Creamy “Appetite Blocker” (That Tastes Like Starbucks)

“How does SHE get to do it and stay skinny?”

We all know that person. Naturally thin since forever and can devour all the cake she wants without it sticking to her waist. Her metabolism just torches it all, no problem.
This can really piss you off sometimes.
But is it just her fast metabolism? Is she really ‘naturally skinny'... or does she have a secret she's not telling you?
If you strapped a camera on these naturally fit people and watched what they did all day, what you’d discover would be... anticlimactic:
They only eat when they're hungry.
If they wake up in the morning and aren't hungry, they'll just have something light (like yogurt) for breakfast. (Or they’ll skip it altogether.)

For them, just because it's a mealtime it doesn't mean it's time to eat.
And when they do eat something unhealthy, they’ll make it up with a salad or light meal later in the day.
If only it was that easy for us with ‘slacker’ metabolisms!
Actually, it would be easy if it wasn’t for...

The Vicious Cycle of Emotional Binge Eating

Diet and exercise. Eat less than you burn.
You hear it all the time. But no one addresses the sneaky saboteur in the backscenes – that pesky gremlin that causes 95% of diets to tumble down like a house of cards.
They call it ‘food addiction’ in some circles. But the words don’t do it justice.
It's more evil because we need food to survive... and at the same time we need less of it.
That’s why on any weight loss community you’ll see lots of people complaining about this enemy:
„I've had a go at diets in the past but never lasted more than a week or so.“
„I cheated in the first week of the program, and was really disgusted with myself.“
„I lost control and cheated all weekend.“
The same story gets everyone:
It's the end of a long day. There’s nothing healthy in the fridge to eat.
Today was rough. You worked so hard and deserve a treat. Or maybe you’re a bit anxious or upset and need some comfort.
And that's when you remember that tub of ice cream in the fridge…

Or maybe you're disciplined, but had a very rough year. A financial disaster. Issues at work. Relationship problems. And then the resulting depression...
It's so easy to let it all get to you.
Next thing you know you're binging on food to cope with everything. Once you pop, you can't stop . One slip up sends you out of control for weeks.
And the worst thing about it? All that painful, gnawing guilt attached to it...

Is there a way out? Can we have our diets AND our happiness too?
The happy middle could lie in planned 'cheat meals' every now and then.

Try This Before Sacrificing Your Favorite Foods

Life’s too short to completely wipe out entire food groupsforever.

That's why cheat meals exist – to keep you sane.

To eat what you want on holidays and special occasions. To go out with friends and have beer and have a memorable time together.
To enjoy yourself without guilt, and then get right back to your normal way of eating the next day.
But you can already smell the danger with this. We already know how fast these cheat meals can spiral out of control.
So what gives?
These local coffee roasters from Maine may have the answer…

What If ‘Cheat Meals’ Helped You Eat LESS?

These hard-working coffee roasters formulated a brand new coffee that is the ideal 'cheat meal'.
It’s designed to taste like a high-end gourmet coffee house drink. And it blocks hunger for a few hours (when had on an empty stomach).
Sounds great, doesn't it?
Customers describe it as just-like-Starbucks but without the empty calories. (Turns out you can have your sweet coffee, and drink it too.)
They say it gives them clean energy without needing carby snacks to power through the day.
Often they report not feeling hungry until lunch and even forgetting food exists at times.
Sounds too good to be true?
Science says one of this coffee's ingredients specifically helps cut back on hunger.

Italian Researchers Prove This Makes Women Eat ‘Whey’ Less

In a 2019 study , leading nutrition researchers in Milan invited nine overweight women to help them solve the appetite puzzle.
Their goal was simple: to discover whether women feel less hungry on protein or on carbohydrates.
The women gulped down two drinks with the same number of calories. But there was one difference: the first drink contained whey protein , and the second maltodextrin (a pure carbohydrate and common food additive).
Two and a half hours passed before the women had a meal. And all the time their hunger hormones were measured.
Here’s what the researchers discovered:
„Each drink significantly augmented satiety and reduced hunger, and the effects were more evident with whey proteins than maltodextrins. Similarly, there were significant increases in GLP-1 and PYY levels (but not PP) after the ingestion of each drink; these anorexigenic responses were higher with whey proteins than maltodextrins.“ Translated to English, this means whey protein significantly curbed appetite compared to the high-carb maltodextrin.
And just so it happens, whey protein is a key ingredient in the Maine coffee roasters' formula.

Why You Automatically Win by Starting Your Day With This Protein Coffee

Introducing Maine Roast Protein Coffee.
The high-protein snack + coffee in one that allows you to ‘cheat’ without cheating on your goals. (Because weight loss shouldn’t mean taste loss.)
It has 2 shots of espresso inside to jolt you up.
And it has a whopping 15g of protein to fill you up and postpone hunger for hours.
Its name gives away its two main ingredients: Protein and Coffee. However, the source of these ingredients is what makes it special.

For example, the whey protein inside comes in its purest form: instantized whey. This means the protein is virtually tasteless, leaving more room for the coffee aromas to come through.
And the coffee itself? Instead of using coffee flavoring, the flavor comes from real Colombian coffee beans! Sourced fresh from the Colombian mountains and then roasted in Maine for maximum flavor.
Protein Coffee is also infused with highly absorbable minerals like dicalcium phosphate and dipotassium phosphate to boost your energy.
But maybe the best thing about it are its original coffee shop flavors.
With flavors like creamy Caramel Frappe, chocolaty Mocha Latt e & classic Iced Coffee , there’s no reason to stop by Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for a sugary coffee drink again.
(And at less than $1.80 per drink, there really isn’t. Customers say once they've tried it, they never went back to their previous coffees.)
Now that you know about Protein Coffee , there really are two choices you can make:
Keep fighting a hopeless battle with food cravings every day... or click here to find out how this popular drink can help you tame them forever.

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