How to Get in Shape When You Hate ‘Dieting’ (With a Delicious Morning Treat)

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Maine Roast Protein Coffee
“Getting in shape is easy. Just eat less and exercise!”
If you’re sick and tired of the average weight-loss advice that sounds like a tape stuck on repeat, then this post is for you.
Most fitness gurus want you to give up all the foods you love and swap them for something tasteless, bland and void of any real flavor.
This cookie-cutter advice requires you to sit there with a bland celery stalk in one hand, a forkful of bland chicken breast in the other and a big fake smile on your face, pretending to like it all.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
“Just learn to love healthy foods!” says your typical diet authority, and it feels as if they told you to learn to love terrorists.
The idea of only eating salads, fruits and tiny carefully measured portions of tasteless foods can seem like straight-up torture.
So what do you do?
You can drop conventional advice and turn to crash diets like juicing, dry fasting and the water diet. But guess what? Those only work temporarily and cause you to hate yourself even more.
Weight loss pills? They might work for a while… but you have to be prepared for unforeseen side effects that can wreak havoc with your hormones. And that’s totally not worth it.
“Arghh… that’s it? Might as well give up and save myself the frustrations!” Not so fast. You see, all those methods are so hard because they dismiss the real issue - the big bad hungry.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Food Cravings Are the Real Problem

You know them well.
They can sneak up on you at any time, and won’t leave you alone until you give them what they want. Then they’ll hide and lay low... until next time.
Today everyone and their grandma knows you have to stay in caloric deficit to lose weight. That means you must eat below a certain number of calories a day to see the scale move.
And you start your days with the best of intentions to make that happen… and for a while do a good job at it… and then the hungries appear again, asking for their fill.
Then you have two choices: torture yourself, or go back to day zero again.
That’s why it’s no wonder so many diets fail. If cravings didn’t exist ‘dieting’ would be effortless.
You would always pick the low-calorie option and automatically keep your calorie count low.
There would be no little voice urging you to grab that totally-not-good-for-you Snickers bar. Actually, food would be the last thing on your mind...
Okay. Back to reality now.
Cravings are very real. But science may have found a way to beat them. (And it involves snacks.)
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

A Story of Chocolate, Crackers, and Yogurt

Twenty Missouri women signed up for a study to discover what food was best for keeping cravings at bay.
Each was handed one of three types of snacks to eat: A high-protein, low-fat yogurt, very high-carb crackers and sugary chocolate, all with the same amount of calories in them.
As each woman was munching on her snack, she had one job. It was to report how full she felt from the snack, how much she craved food at lunchtime and for how long she could delay dinner.
What they found was interesting. The women who had yogurt were a lot less hungry by afternoon and ate fewer calories at dinner
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
In the researchers’ words, “when compared to high-fat snacks, eating less energy-dense, high-protein snacks like yogurt improves appetite control, satiety, and reduces subsequent food intake in healthy women.”
So what does that mean?
It means protein is the key to beating those pesky cravings. (Hey, it’s science!)
Now that doesn’t mean you go crazy with yogurt… it simply means that to avoid cravings you have to eat some kind of protein in the morning.
Just make something like chicken or eggs to eat for breakfast and stay off anything sweet or high-carby.
Yeah right.
Who has the time to cook in the morning? You barely even have time to grab your morning coffee.
Now if that’s the case then you’re gonna love this.
It’s a quick & delish way to get protein AND your morning coffee in with one creamy, desserty drink.
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

All the Sweetness You Crave - Without the Empty Calories

The perfect morning pick-me-up that gives you filling protein and a strong coffee kick -- served with a taste that gives Starbucks a run for their money.
With 15g protein inside to help your fat-loss goals and less than 100 calories per serving. (An automatic win against your daily calorie count!)
The 2 shots of espresso in it speed up your metabolism to help your body melt fat and give you clean, steady energy throughout the day.
And the best thing about it?
It takes less than a minute to make. Much faster than cooking every morning or getting stuck in line at Starbucks. (Some customers have said the Caramel Frappe, Mocha Latte & Iced Coffee flavors taste ‘just like’ their sugary Starbucks counterparts.)
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
Maine Roast Protein Coffee
If you want to say goodbye to your morning food cravings, give Maine Roast Protein Coffee a try. It could be one of those tiny decisions you make that make the greatest change in your life.
P.S. When you order all three flavors you get a free shaker to have your Protein Coffee on the go, anywhere you go.