Maine Roast healthy recipes

Black Forest Protein Shake

About the recipe

The mysterious Black Forest flavor – done Maine Roast style! It borrows deep red from frozen tart cherries, black from rich dark chocolate & its delicate creaminess from Protein Coffee. A gourmet protein drink for the diet-conscious dessert lover.

Step 1
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Mix together the Protein Coffee, almond milk, ice cubes, banana & cherries.

Step 2
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

Blend it till smooth. Pour in a glass.

Step 3
Maine Roast Protein Coffee

(Optional) Decorate with a cherry on top

Nutrition value*

*The amount of calories is estimative. It may vary due to brands of products used.

Calories:~ 277kcal

Carbohydrates:~ 39g

Fats:~ 4g

Protein:~ 18g


Ingredients List

Makes for one serving.
Feel free to experiment with the ratio depending on the brand of coffee and type of sweetener you use.

1 scoop

MR Mocha Latte Protein Coffee

1 cup

of almond milk




handful of frozen cherries